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Westlake Market

Westlake Market 12 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit with Bore Snake, Bore Cleaner and Lube Oil in Case

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Keep your 12 gauge shotgun clean with these quality cleaning tools. The best cleaning and lube on the market plus a quality bore snake from Westlake Market. Comes with Neoprene case to keep it all together. All Westlake Market products are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

  • All in One Bore Cleaning Snakes from Westlake Market - eliminates the need for several items. Just drop the weighted end into the barrel and pull through. These can be washed and used many times.
  • Hoppes Cleaning Solvent (2oz) - The most universally used solvent for removing primer, powder, lead and metal fouling for preventing rust. Quick, super-efficient, safe and easy to use. Flows freely and penetrates rapidly. A favorite with sportsmen throughout the world.
  • Hoppes Lubricating Oil (2oz) - High viscosity oil refined to perfection for use in firearms, fishing reels and other precision mechanisms. Does not harden, gum or become rancid. Gives extra-long service.
  • Comes with quality neoprene case to keep it all in one place!
  • 100% MONEY BACK OR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY- We place value on every customers experience. We provide 100% Money back or replacement warranty if there is any quality issue or any reason that caused you dissatisfaction with this item