Bianchi Conceal Carry Belt EDC NexBelt, 1.5" Wide, User Adjustable Up to 50" Leather Construction

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Bianchi, EDC NexBelt, 1.5" Wide, User Adjustable Up to 50", Leather Construction, Matte Finish, Black, High Gloss Silver Buckle

  • One Handed Adjustments
  • 1.5" Wide
  • Water Repellent Liner
  • 1/4" Incremental Adjustments
  • Fits Up to 50"

Product Description


Designed for the everyday firearm carry but can be used for any purpose that requires attaching tools to the belt. Especially useful for IWB style carry, as the belt can be tightened and loosened in very small increments and on the fly, particularly convenient when putting the holster on, or taking it off, and avoiding the belt being respectively too tight or too loose. The backing of the leather belts is manufactured with high-density nylon of an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester for extra stiffness and durability. In addition, our belts have a water-repellent liner to stop sweat from seeping and staining the surface of the belt. Now you can conceal in comfort, style, and convenience.