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Westlake Market, Hoppes

Gun Bore Cleaner and Precision Lube Oil with Bore Cleaning Snake for .357, 380.38, 9mm

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For cleaning and lubricating your .357 .38, .380 and 9mm Caliber gun. Oil dispenser allows for precision placement. Snake is solvent safe, washable and reusable hundreds of times. Effectively cleans your bore in a single pass. Crafted with built-in brushes, combines all cleaning processes into one simple step. All backed by Westlake Market's quality product guarantee.

  • Quality Items at a Great Value!
  • GUN CLEANER SOLUTION - 2 oz Hoppes No 9 - The most universally used solvent for removing primer, powder, lead and metal fouling for preventing rust. Quick, super-efficient, safe and easy to use. Flows freely and penetrates rapidly. A favorite with sportsmen throughout the world.
  • GUN LUBE - 2 oz Hoppes No 9 Precision Lubricating Oil - Hoppes famous lubricating oil. High viscosity. Does not harden, gum or become rancid. Precision lubricators are convenient to use and carry. Needle-thin, extra long stem spouts designed to reach "hard-to-get-at" spots. Tight-fitting plastic caps protect clothing. 14.9ml.
  • Quality Boresnake - ELIMINATES RODS, BRUSHES, JAGS AND PATCHES - Fits 357 - 9mm Has 2 inline bronze bore brushes.
  • 100% MONEY BACK OR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY- We place value on every customers experience. We provide 100% Money back or replacement warranty if there is any quality issue or any reason that caused you dissatisfaction with this item.